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In 2014 at the Gulf Islands Alliance (GIA) we are going all out to expand our support base and influence. We’re confident a large number of islanders generally share our values on the need to preserve and protect this beautiful place, a vision that inspired the creation of the Islands Trust Act 40 years ago.  Like anything desirable and worthwhile, the islands and the unique local government system that protects them need maintenance. That’s a chore that can’t be left entirely to Islands Trust Council. Faced with contrary pressures — some promoting incremental and damaging changes that escape casual detection — Council needs reassurance and assistance from islanders who wish to save each island as a pristine environment and a wonderful place to live and visit. That’s where GIA comes in. Through our work on the islands and letters, presentations, media releases and personal contacts with key decision-makers, GIA is an advocate for the Trust vision and often a thorn in the side of the Trust when it strays from its legislated purpose.

To amplify your voice and help save our islands, we need to hear from you about your concerns and (possible) criticisms of island governance and specific issues. And we would love to have you join us. Our annual request is modest yet important for the continuation of our work.

  • Living lightly (students, seniors, limited income: $10
  • Individual:                                $15
  • Family or household:             $20
  • Business or organization:     $25
  • Supporter:                                $50

Please include your name, address, postal code, phone number, and (optional) E-mail address with your cheque to Gulf Islands Alliance, P.0. Box 795,Ganges, BC,V8K 2W3

(We don’t share membership data with anyone, individuals or organizations. Donations to the GIA are not tax-deductible.)